A Lion's Heart

by Ian Gold

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After retiring from an eight year career in the NFL, Ian Gold is using his guitar, piano and voice for the cause of Christ Jesus.


released April 22, 2011

"Reach for heaven and you'll leave the stars far behind" -Ian Gold

Thank You:
I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for allowing me to be useful. To God be all of the glory.

Expression of Gratitude for Support:
Mom, Jason (Maya), Jeremy & Cory. I love you all…but God loves you so much more.

All songs written & Produced by:
Ian Gold

All music arranged by:
Ian Gold

All vocals by:
Ian Gold

All piano, acoustic electric guitars & drums played by:
Ian Gold

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by:
Bob E Burnham | Talavaya Production Services | Boulder, Colorado




all rights reserved


Ian Gold Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: My Best Friend
One Sunday after a game when I got home...I walked in my room and felt all alone...all I wanted was a friend to call my own...someone to ride with, talk with, share the good times with...

All I wanted was a best (Repeat 8x)

Standing there tears began to fall...needing comfort I knew just who to call...so I cried to the Lord why am I alone and He replied to me that He'd always been...

He's always been my best, Jesus has always been my best friend (Repeat)

John 15:13

Vamp out:
My best friend (Repeat)
Track Name: In The Garden

I lived my life how I wanted to
Did all of the things that I wanted to
Testing the limit and crossing the lines
On a one way road to the lake of fire
Until that day that I made up my mind
And fell to my knees and laid down my life
Lord you were there for me
You took care of me
In the garden
The cool of the day

Chorus (Repeat 2x):

Whenever I need you
I know where to find you
In the midst of the garden
The cool of the day.


When I need you
I can find you
In the garden
The cool of the day

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Dios es Bueno

I was at a funeral and it was bi-lingual
The man of God began to speak in Espanol
I didn't understand one word he said
Not one word oh no
Until he said
Dios es bueno

Chorus Repeat:

Dios es bueno
God is good
Track Name: I Must Believe
Verse 1:

When I was a child I thought no one cared
You held me close and said you'd always be there
Now I'm all grown and when I feel all alone
I get on my knees and you comfort me


I can
I will
And I must, believe in you Lord

Verse 2:

So many questions that I have for you
What's my purpose here and my purpose there
I stand and wait but I can't stand alone
So thanks for being there for me to lean on
You've dried up my tears and put a smile on my face
And by your mercy and grace I'm gonna finish this race

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: He's All I Need
Verse 1:

He's my savior my shepherd worker of miracles
My deliverer counselor mender of broken hearts


He's all I need
He's all I need
He's all I need
He's all I need and more

Verse 2:

His name is:
Jeshua Emmanuel Hosanna the Son of man
He wipes the tears away and dries my eyes
Holds me in his arms through the night

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:

His Father's name is:
Elohim Jahweh Jehovah The Great I Am
His sent his Son to die for you and I
Has given us the gift of eternal life

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Never Alone
Verse 1:

I was walking one day
And I saw you in such a special way
Leaves blowing in the wind
Rain falling from the sky
Sun shining on my face
The twinkle in my eye
You said you'd be with me always
And if I take a closer look
I'll see you always


I'm never alone
Never alone
I'm never alone
Never alone

Verse 2:

If we take a closer look
Then we'll see
Christ all around you
And all around me
If you're sitting in a class
Or playing on a field
Or running in a park
Or locked up behind bars

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Orphan's Lullaby
Verse Repeat:

To go to sleep at night
Just close your eyes
Clear your mind
And think of heaven